About Us

Exploring my grandmothers basement gave me insight to what life was like prior to my arrival. When I was eight years old, I found a super dope satin San Francisco 49ers Starter Jacket. I would later find out that it belonged to my father when he was younger. Until that experience, I did not understand how a piece of clothing could express so much about a person. When my father told me stories about the jacket, I remember the happiness that he showed because of the nostalgia that the jacket held.  Shopping with Retro Saucee is a chance to connect anyone with nostalgic apparel and accessories from their past. Shopping with Retro Saucee is also a chance to celebrate past historical moments in popular culture that still look dope in present day.

Over the years I have developed a deep passion for thrifting. Since 2013 I have dedicated weekly trips to thrift stores in my area to find whatever cool item I may come across. Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to turn one of my passions into a business. 

Thank you for shopping with me or even just taking the time to read. I appreciate it.